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Sunbeam Puppies

We are doing on last litter. Beyond this I am happy to make recommendations for responsible breeders here in California.

If you have questions about Goldens, please feel free to email me at cathie

As one of our interests is in breeding dogs to compete in the show ring, we are breeding dogs that typify, for us, the standard in conformation, temperament and movement. If we are fortunate there will be one or two show candidates in a litter and of course the rest go to wonderful homes.

We breed dogs with eye, hip, elbow and heart clearances and are happy to provide clearance and contract information in advance. Our preference has been to breed only Goldens who have already achieved their AKC Championships but I now think we need to breed our girls when they are about 2 years of age as it avoids so many reproductive problems, And the good ones will get their Championships after a litter of puppies.

We are located in Southern California and while we are happy to have our dogs living anywhere in the country or Canada in good homes, you do have to come and pick up your puppy. We do not ship puppies.

What About Adult Dogs?

From time to time older dogs, usually adults, usually belonging to other people, become available to good homes. Because the website is accessed often, we list those dogs here. For information contact

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To Get On Our List


In order to get on to our list, we ask that you complete the short
questionnaire here. This gives us a sense of your situation so we know if it looks like we would be a fit. Obviously we need to meet you ahead of time to know for sure if both of us want to have a 12 plus year relationship with one another. Because that is what happens we you get a puppy from us.

If you are on our list for a puppy

  • We will tell you when we are expecting a litter.
  • We will tell you when we have confirmed puppies are on the way after an ultrasound. Please let us know if you are no longer interested because we are turning people away.
  • We will tell you how many puppies we expect after an X-ray.

When the puppies are on the ground and stable we will contact you again and ask that you send a deposit. This deposit is non-refundable if you change your mind. If for some reason we don’t have a puppy for you or the chemistry is not right, we will return the deposit. If there are more people on the list than we have puppies available, the order of the deposits matters. But we try not to let that happen.

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If you have children we will need to meet them as well. If you have very young children who have not grown up with a dog, we are probably not your source for a puppy. Puppies have very sharp teeth and toddlers dangle their fingers at just the wrong height. And when the children raise their hands up this translates into ‘please jump on me’ to the puppy. Not a good experience for anyone. Also we remember how much work small children were. And we know how much work a puppy is. We’re not sure there are enough hours in the day to do both.

Puppies are ready to go home between eight and nine weeks. We microchip all puppies before they leave. When we get your deposit, we will send you a link to the Sunbeam Puppy Packet which has more information that you ever want to know. With luck, we can also send you a link to find it on the iBook store so you can have it on your iPad or iPhone.


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You Cannot Pick Your Puppy

We encourage you to come out and interact with puppies as much as you would like after they are three weeks of age. You can tell us your preferences. But please remember this is not a business where you choose your product. Until puppies are at least eight weeks of age, we cannot tell which one(s) if any we might like to keep to show and breed. And until we decide we can’t assign puppies. We will try to work with you but please keep this in mind.

We are often asked what the difference is between a show puppy and a pet and it is hard to quantify. And boy oh boy, have we made mistakes on this. Slight variations in structure, attitude and movement usually make the difference.

Red Girl - 5

We are with the puppies 24/7 so we think we are in the best position to match puppies with people. And remember, the last ones to be assigned are undoubtedly the ones we thought were best so we needed them a little longer.

In litters of the quality we have been breeding, there are some naughty puppies but there have not been bad puppies, nothing substandard.
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We Are Co-Owners For Life

There is no alternative for this. If you are the sole owner of the dog, you would be free to sell that dog to someone else, even though our contract forbids this. One of our dogs was sold to a commercial breeder and after that happened we decided on co-ownership for life.

If your puppy is to be a pet, it may be on a Limited Registration so that offspring from the puppy (heaven forbid there should be any) cannot be sold as registered dogs. This can be undone. If for some reason you think you want to show or breed, we can talk about that and change the registration.
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No Early Sterilization Allowed

You cannot alter your puppy at an early age. If you’ve paid attention you now know all the problems that would accompany such a move. So if socially, as we understand there can be peer pressure from uninformed but well-meaning people; for financial reasons (licenses for intact animals are more expensive); or convenience you would think about sterilizing a male before 2 years of age or a girl before she has had at least two seasons, you will not want a Sunbeam puppy.

Sunbeam Planned or Available Litters

The video to the right is of Helen/Desmond puppies at 5 weeks of age. This will give you an idea of what Sunbeam puppies are like.

The local Golden Retriever Club occasionally has some litters listed and the contact for that is Gerri Monohan at

We are doing a breeding in late March or early April 2021. This will be the last Sunbeam litter.

Remember, for a quality Golden, most puppies are spoken for by the time they are born. Be wary if you can call and get a puppy to take home right away!